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  • Soft faux leather

  • 8cm wide

  • 255cm long 

  • Has a slit to allow the belt to pass through neatly 

The WRAP BELT is such a genius piece of accessory! It has the ability to spice up any outfit and make it more feminine as well as more stylish!
You can wear it with a long/short dress, a shirt, a vest, a jacket... and a lot more! It highlights your waist and defines your curves.
You can also wear it with a loose top or a shapeless dress that hides your figure and it will definitely work its magic.
It can be tied in various knots which enables you to add your special touch to your look. Each knot has a special flavour and a different mood, and the video shows how each knot is done step by step (loop knot, tie knot, ocho knot, rosette knot and right knot).
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